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Hello, I am Karla, the creator of KD Photo Studio and founder of LA Loft Studio's Rentals.


I am 35, and I have been a pro photographer for 15+ years. Growing up as a little kid, I always had an eye for art; as I got older, I got to explore so many options and discover my true passion for photography and creative directing. 

The photography journey has not been easy. It has been long but fun to explore. I am so happy and grateful to have had the opportunity to assist many celebrity and fashion photographers in the industry. I learned different shooting and lighting techniques that I apply to my photographs and brand." 


My goal is to keep mentoring other photographers and getting them the help and guidance I got when I needed it, as well as to keep building a community in the photography industry. 

Whether you want me to capture your photos or want photography mentoring, let's chat and work together. 

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