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Tips For Flawless Engagement Photos

Engagement shoots mark the first step towards your wedding, which makes them important in so many ways.

These photography shoots, in a way, prepare you for the big day i.e., your wedding day photo shoot. Moreover, they don’t just help you rejoice the bond your share, but also give both of you the right chance to get to know the photographer.

Most importantly, the engagement photo shoot can do wonders if you consider it a ‘practice shoot’ to get rid of all the stress before your wedding.

In this blog post, I share some tips for engagement shoots that truly stand out:

The Location Matters A Lot!

While it may seem perfect to go some place that is meaningful to you, it should also have a range of different backdrops. Villages, beaches, farms and lakes are all perfect backdrops, so put in time to decide the right one.

A practical approach is to think season wise; why not hit the beach in the summer and have orange fallen leaves as the backdrop during autumn?

If you have a large home or are booking a wedding suite, these locations can also make up for an intimate engagement shoots. Why not get started with the shoot at your favorite café, if that’s where you met the first time?

Explore Different Activities

Another great idea is to take up a few activities for the shoot. You could go horse riding or hire a boat. Why not borrow a classic car for your photo shoot? You can also go camping. The possibilities are endless.

Fruit fields also look perfect in engagement shoots. You may also consider taking a trip to the beach or the woods for some really intimate shots.

Capture Your Habits And Hobbies

If you are looking for ways to add a personalized touch to your shoot, the perfect idea is to capture each other’s hobbies and habits. Of course, yoga or Zumba may not seem practical, but consider how perfect the results would be if both of you are dressed in golf outfits on a golf course, or perhaps out cycling or boating. Consider tagging your pets along as well.

Makeup and Hair

You need to look your best. If you are not familiar with the right makeup or executing the perfect hairstyle, have it done professionally.

If you are doing it yourself, it might take more time than you expect. Also, remember to put on a bit more makeup, while keeping the overall look moderately natural.

Clothing As A Couple

Don’t match colors. Instead, choose colors from the same palette. This portrays different styles, with perfect synchronization. It is also a good idea to wear different colors rather than going black and white.

Think about the location and backdrop when choosing colors. Remember to stay stylish but not too trendy as these outdate your photographs quickly.

Use these tips to bring out the best in your engagement shoot. Get in touch with me today to schedule your shoot for engagement photography in Los Angeles.


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