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Making Mommy Happy: Maternity Photo-shoots and Why they Matter

Wonder why women gush over your pregnant belly wherever you go? They may have experienced the joys of motherhood—as well as the pains and tribulations that come with it.

Still, there are many women who prefer immortalizing this amazing period in their life with the help of maternity photography.

Why it is important for new and pregnant moms to be photographed? Because later down the road, you will gaze upon your maternity photos with awe and think, “Did I really bring that new life into the world?”

Having yourself photographed in all your pregnant glory is important. Here’s why:

You Are Beautiful… Embrace That

Yes, pregnancy brings on feelings that weren’t there before. You become moody and gain a lot of weight. You always feel tired, sore, aching, nauseous, and this feeling will remain for some more months at least.

You don’t feel beautiful, but hang on! There is nothing more beautiful than a mother-to-be and maternity photography will help you see that.

Pregnancy is a thing of beauty—it’s after all, only a few times in your life that you will get to experience this wonder. Karla Delgado Photography is here to make you feel like the goddess you clearly are—drawing out the beauty, love and femininity of such a wonderful period in your life.

It Will Give a Chance to Bond with Your Partner

Unlike mothers-to-be, fathers can find it hard to bond with their unborn child. He won’t be able to experience the life growing inside you—just share in your apparent joy. Maternity photography creates a stage for the fathers to bond with their partner and unborn child.

Your Other Children Can Join In The Fun Too!

Older children can feel left out and resentful after the baby is born. Yet we fail to realize the huge changes going on in their lives while mommy is pregnant with their little sister or brother!

Maternity photos are one way of reassuring your older children that mommy won’t start loving them any less once the baby is born. These photos allow participation from even the smallest toddler, which creates anticipation.

Later as the years fly by, older siblings can look back to that photo and say, “I was there when you in mummy’s tummy!” You can add in your creativity with your children if you want but classic poses such as hugging and kissing your belly always work too.

You must have surely captured every loving moment between you and your partner, starting from your first date, to your wedding. Celebrate the new arrival of this love with Karla Delgado Photography.

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