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Wedding Tips to Help Your Photographer Get Magical Photos

Every girl dreams of that perfect wedding. Just like everyone else, you probably want to make yours extra special by doing something a bit out of the box.

Perhaps you’re planning a wedding at, The 1909, Le Foyer Ballroom, The Hummingbird Nest Ranch or Greystone Mansion, wearing beautiful long veil. Whatever unique ideas or thoughts about what makes your wedding special to you – be sure to share with your wedding photographer so that every image is a look at your big day through your lens!

1.Share Your Love Story

The best way to get the most out of your wedding photographer is to share your personal love story. Of course, you don’t have to overshare by advertising every personal detail or melodramatic moment where you thought things might end between you and your partner. But a little bit of information can go a long in capturing the essence of your relationship in photographs!

2.Let them Know What You Expect

No two weddings are the same, and why should they? As long as you tell your photographer what you expect in terms of achieving a certain aesthetic look or a story-theme for your wedding, there’s no way your photographs will come out anything other than a fairytale moment.


Some brides are obsessed with the dress; to others, the perfect venue is all that matters. Everyone’s got their thing! Be sure to tell your photographer what’s on your priority list, so that your director of photography knows how to complement the star of the show without overshadowing one or the other.

4.Focus on the Details

Got an old aunt who can dance up a storm? Maybe an adorable young nephew who isn’t too pleased about this wedding business?

Point out the special characters in your story to make your wedding photographs interesting! By capturing your friends and family at their best, silliest and funniest moments, your pictures won’t just be about a wedding – they’ll tell a real, memorable story replete with eccentric, lovely characters that make it even more unique!

5.Discuss Your Insecurities

Everyone’s got them! Some brides think their pores look huge, other are convinced they have a “bad side”.

Your photographer can’t change the way you look – and why should she? You’re the princess of your own personal fairytale wedding, nothing less than gorgeous and in love. What you can do, however, is remove some of your doubts by letting your photographer know what makes you uncomfortable in your pictures and leave it to her to take care of the rest! Trust us, you don’t want to end up with a worry wart on your big day!

Making the Right Call

It can be daunting to find someone who caters to your every need, especially when you can be a in a less than perky mood under wedding stress. Karla Delgado’s been there, done that. As a Los-Angeles based wedding photographer, she has worked on weddings and engagements all over California and parts of Mexico. Book her now for a memorable experience!

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